About Me & Where It All Started!

I am a one women team, a hard working mommy with three girls and I am based in Miami, Florida. This is not my full time job, but I would like it to be because I love to design, create and work with my hands, and this little business allows me to do that.

I started designing bracelets about 10 years ago when my first daughter Sienna was born. I made the bracelets for me, but started getting requests from other people and this is where it all began. I started with Vendor Craft Shows and enjoyed the people interaction immensely, but as my family started to grow, I could no longer spend my weekends at the shows. Family became priority. After my third child, mommy duties were in full effect and had to take 3 years off from designing to be able to keep up with my three girls.

I finally managed to find time to do what I love again! I am very grateful that my followers are still with me and excited to see my next creations.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ashley Jane Milan